The college has implemented mentoring system as an experiment from the year 2016-17 onward. The college being in a rural area we started this to establish a rapport between students and the teachers. To solve the problems of the students regarding their overall learning process i.e. learning, transportation, examination etc.  A group of final year students are assigned to a faculty member. It is because they need guidance about after graduation career opportunities, challenges, their studies, extra-curricular activities and business entrepreneurship to enlarge their capacity.


  • To strengthen healthy relationship between teachers and students
  • To develop academic ambiance in the college
  • To assist students to expand subject knowledge in innovative ways
  • To build confidence among students to face global challenges
  • To support students for further education

Action Plan:

  1. To select mentee department-wise
  2. To call upon meetings of mentee with a mentor
  3. To accumulate personal and academic information of mentee
  4. To contact a mentee frequently to assess his/her academic development
  5. To maintain record of a mentee as per the format prescribed by the IQAC of the college
  6. To guide about personality development of a mentee



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