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About Jay Shivray Education Society,Murgud (JSES)-

The Jay Shivray Education Society, Murgud was founded by late Hon.Sadashivrao Mandlik (M.P), a visionary leader in western Maharashtra in 1960 with the motto ‘Kuni na raho durbal adnya, yachsathi ha shikshan yadyna’. During this time educational facilities in this area were pitiable. Wards of farmers had to travel around 20 kms for secondary, higher secondary and higher education. Most of the students especially girls discontinued their education at primary level due to dearth of educational facilities. Considering the situation, Hon. Mandlik saheb started Shivraj Vidyalaya, Murgud in 1960 to impart education to the students from hilly, rural and backward area. At the outset Mandliksaheb and his wife late.Sou.Vijaya Mandlik contributed as teacher in the same school. As the years rolled on, the institution realized the educational needs of this region. Accordingly, the institution weaved strong network of secondary and higher secondary schools, Ashram schools, hostels, Industrial Training Institutes, English medium schools etc. in this region. Mean while in 1990, Hon. Mandlik saheb realized the difficulties faced by rural girls for obtaining higher education and to overcome this educational lacuna, The New College of Arts and Commerce was established in 1990 at Murgud which is centre of 25 to 40 villages. Later on the college was re entitled in 1995 as Sadashivrao Mandlik Mahavidyalay, Murgud. Now the institutes runs 02 pre primary schools,11 high schools 02 ashram schools, 02 English medium school 02 Hostels, 05 Higher secondary schools 01 Girls high school, 01 ITI, 01 Senior college etc. Around 7212 students are seeking education in this institute’s various branches. Four hundred and six Employees are devoting their services to expand, enlarge and to excellent this educational movement to accomplish of the vision of late Hon.Sadashivraoji Mandliksaheb.

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