Dr. Arjun Kumbhar, the eighth principal of Sadashivrao Mandlik Mahavidyalaya, Murgud has shown varied academic interest throughout his academic career. The degrees obtained is one of the indicators of the same i.e. M.A (English), M.Ed (Educational administration), M Phil (Translation), Ph.D (Applied linguistics-ELT), MBA (HR).

Dr. Kumbhar through the adverse circumstances completed his primary, Secondary and higher secondary education by looking after cattle and working in farm, and higher education by running tuition classes.

His service career too is full of varied experiences. Such as due to the adverse circumstances he had to join high school service as an English teacher for three years. During this time he completed his M.A English with B+ and joined K.H. College of shri Mouni Vidyapeeth, Gargoti the educational institute of international repute where he taught English at B.A,, BA B.Ed and M.A levels . for 17 years. He specially taught English method to B.A B.Ed (int) classes as a result, there are a number of capable English teachers are working at various levels.

Thirsty for more and advanced education he went on seeking various degrees as mentioned above. At the same time he worked as a lecturer in Education at Dep. of Education, Shivaji Univercity Kolhapur. As a result of his bright academic career and creative and innovative work a number of colleges offered him principal ship. He joined Radhanagari Mahavidyalaya Radhanagari as a principal in 2006 and left his footprints behind within his stay of two years there.

With a view to develop Sadashivrao Mandlik Mahavidyalay at all levels Dr. Kumbhar is ceaselessly working on the infrastructural development and physical facilities. He has introduced various short term certificate courses unique in nature such as Spoken English (COC) Rural journalism, Web site designing to avail the Knowledge and skills useful in the world of competition.

His ‘HASA’ (Highly Ambitious Students Association) a especially noteworthy activity. ‘ZEP’(Jaop) a quarterly of the college is a unique idea in Shivaji University area.’ Academic Guardianship’ is yet another innovation which creates a keen bond between teachers and students.

He feels college to be a center for social education, social awareness and awakening. Therefore, he has established a separate extension service department in the college. ‘ERC’ (Environment Resource Center) in the college shows awareness of global problems and responsibilities of the college.

Starting of Modern English Medium School on the campus is one important step he has taken at his entry which provides quality English education to the rural students, as a yeoman service. Through his creative and innovative talent and attitude he looks forwards to make the college a centre for quality higher education and social reform.

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