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Tree Conservation Programme Under NSS

Campus Plant Conservation Programme was observed by NSS Department of the College, on Sunday 24 November, 2019. The activities such as cultivation of soil, watering plants, removal of wild grass and cleaning area around plants are undertaken. Each plant is supplied bio fertilizer. Similarly, the floral plants in the pots were also taken same care. All NSS students took active participation in this programme. The programme officer Asst. Prof. V.A. Pradhan made the students aware about the importance of plant/tree conservation. Whereas, Prof. S. A. Diwan made all students to take oath of plant/Tree conservation. The students are inspired to adopt plants in groups on this occasion. Prof. D. A. Sardesai, ERCC coordinator of the college helped in this regard. The NSS volunteer Miss. Jyoti Patil expressed vote of thanks for the participated students and teachers.

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