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Installation of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and Destroyer for Girls in the College

                  The ratio of girl students is higher than that of boys in our college. The college always prefers health, cleanliness and hygienic issues regarding each stake holder. As a part of this Yuvati Vikas Manch of the college today installed a Sanitary Napkin Vending and Destroying Machine in the washroom for ladies. It has 80 pads capacity of feeding. It is available in nominal price of Rs. 5/- only. It also destroys the used pads within few minutes without pollution. The college is sure that this will help the girls students to be aware of cleanliness, hygiene and comfortable in ‘those’ days. This will be also helpful for them to attend college regularly and take education they were missing due to this health issue. Principal Dr. A. D. Kumbhar congratulated the girls as they won’t have to miss college as they are now facilitated with these machines. Dr. M. S. Patil, coordinator of Yuvati Vikas Manch, reinforced the girls about using this machine and also tell their classmates about this. Mrs. Dhanashri Jadhav, the supplier of the machine, gave demonstration to the girls about using both machines. Thus, the college feels proud to declare that we are keeping pace with the use of advanced technology and care for nature.

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