Support Facilities

The Extension

Extension Committee

It moulds students’ personality through the activities such as Kranti Day, Literacy Rally, Distribution of sweets and clothes to poor and needy, Save Environment Campaign, Fund-raising Programs for natural calamities like Tsunami and flood affected people of the villagers in Shirol Taluka, Rangoli and Pattankodoli, , AIDS awareness programs, Moss eradication activity on Murgud-Kapshi road in Murgud, Road Safety Awareness Drive (National Road Safety Week 2010), Tribute to the martyrs, etc.

NSS Committee

NSS Committee organizes Cleaning Activity, Veterinary Camp, Soil-testing Activity, Guidance to the farmers on ‘Problems of Sugar Cane’, Guidance to Strengthen the Self-help group of surrounding women, Distribution of Handbills on cleanliness, Child Medical Camp, Blood Donation Camp, Literacy Camp, Blood group testing camp, Water Literacy in campsite villages and surroundings, Cleaning the surrounding of the Monument of the Martyr, Tukaram Bharamal


contributes in community service through Tree Plantation, Cycle Rally to promulgate the message of save environment, Distribution of handbills , Poster Exhibition, Save Snake Campaigns, bio-diversity etc.

Yuvati Vikas Manch Yuvati Vikas Manch

It is very good attempt of college to inspire the female students and o give full scope to their skills. It organizes seminars on ‘Hygienic Problems of Women: Precautions’; celebrates Rakshabandhan in the college, boarding schools of Shahunagar and Chimagaon, celebrates the Women’s Day. It adopted Chimgaon Ashramshala, Chimgaon,

Anti-sexual Harassment Committee

The college formed Anti – Sexual Harassment according to the laws of Govt. of Maharhtra. It makes aware the students of the laws and punishments for the sexual Harassment. It organized the lecture of Smt. Vaishali Shinde, the AIDS affected woman for Murgud citizens and surrounding people on 23rd Jan., 2007.

Anti-ragging Committee

The college formed Anti-ragging Committee to create healthy and safe atmosphere. To make the students aware of the role of Government regarding ragging in the colleges the committee organized a lecture of the Judge, District Court on 27th June,2009.

Alumni Association

The alumni of the college are active and supportive to the growth and development of the college. The alumni help the college through donation of useful materials. In the year 2008-09 the alumni donated a digital camera and in the year 2009-10, a bicycle whereas the students of Commerce faculty donated the books costing Rs. 1000/-and an ex-student Mr. Mithun Kamble donated 25 books to the library. The meetings of Alumni Association brings ahead certain needful suggestions like necessity of furniture, fans in the library, starting need based courses etc.

The existing Alumni Association of the college is as follows:

Prin. Dr. A.D.Kumbhar Chairman
Mr. T.M. Patil Vice-Chairman
Mr. K.D. Patil Secretary
Mr. Jayavant Rajarm Patil Treasure
Mr. Devanand Patil Student Chairman
Mr. Fattesingh Bhosale “”
Miss Suman Chougale (Gayakwad) “”
Mr. Bhimarao Khot “”
Mr. Sarjerao Patil “”
Miss Savita Ghatage “”
Mr. Adv. Sudhir Savardekar “”
Mrs. Rohini Nikam( Ravan) “”
Mrs. Sujata Aswale “”
Mr. Sukhadev Ekal “”
Mrs. Subhasri Kumathekar “”
Mr. Raju Shaha “”
Top Ten Alumni
Sankpal Shankar Siddhu Principal, D.R.Mane, D.Ed College, Kagal
Kumbhar Sandip Trainer,MKCL,KingSoud,University,Soudi Arabia
Barakale Jotiba Tukaram Expert Cook on International Cruuz
Daphale Nilesh Ananda Banking Assistant, Krenz Bank Ltd., Yuganda
Kamble Pradip Assistant Professor, Meeramar College, Goa University
Ekal Sukhadev Assist. Professor, Shivaji University
Miss. More Chandrabhaga Assistant Professor, K.H. College, Gargoti
Adv. D’souza George Lawyer
Indalakar Tanaji Lalaba Team Leader, Quick Start Global, United Kingdom
Kamble Ranjeet Dinkar Successful Industrialist, R. K. Industries, Adamapur

Parent-Teacher Association

On the suggestion of IQAC the Parent-Teacher Association of the college organized a parents’ meeting to identify the need of new academic courses as well as career oriented courses. After discussion the college finalized probable new courses to be started in the college.

Baba Amate Health Centre Baba Amate Health Centre

Recently, the college has formed ‘Baba Amate Health Centre’. The college organized Eye Donation Camp in which 8 faculty members and their family members filled the forms of after-death donation of eyes.

Karmveer Bhaurao Patil Academic Guardianship

The college has taken an important step to concentrate on students’ progress by forming Karmveer Bhaurao Patil Academic Guardianship. The guardian teachers take care to convey the progress of the students-cum-wards to their respective parents through the meetings. Karmveer Bhaurao Patil Academic Guardianship helps to identify the students from rural tribal background. The teacher guardian looks after the better performance of the respective student wards at academic level.


ii)Infrastructure: a) Academic:

Infrastructure Facilities

No. of facilities

1)Lecture Halls

17with acrylic boards

2)Library –a) College library with Reading room              



3) Examination Room


4) Teachers common Room


5) Laboratories


6)Ladies Room


b)    b) Infrastructural Facilities available for Co-curricular and extracurricular Activities.

·        Adequate open air stage

·        Dadoba  Mandlik Auditorium Closed auditorium with the capacity of 500 audiences with good sound   system and 3 Musical instruments.  It has Stage facility with sufficient space to the back side of stage as the green room for the preparation of the Student actors/actresses 

·        NSS Room: A separate room with adequate furniture and  necessary equipments/tools for   day to day work & special camp for NSS

·         Mahatma Phule Granthalaya

·        Smt  Laxmibai Mandlik Ladies Hostel

·         Language Lab

·        Computer Lab

·        Cabin of vice principal

·        Heads’ Cabin

·        Multi-media Audio-Visual

ii)Infrastructure: a) Academic:

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