About us

The Jay Shivray Education Society, Murgud founded Shivraj Vidyalaya, Murgud in 1960 and started imparting education to the students from hilly and rural area. As the years rolled on, the organization felt need for higher education. The New College of Arts and Commerce was established in 1990. The New College of Arts and Commerce, Murgud was re-entitled as ‘SADASHIVRAO MANDLIK MAHAVIDYALAYA, MURGUD’ in 1995. The organization offered premises of 10.5 acre land to the college. The college was shifted in this premise on Teacher’s Day i.e. on 05/09/2002. Apart from the existing building, there is a separate library building. The college proposed to build a Ladies Hostel too.

Sadashivrao Mandlik Mahavidyalaya is reputed as a developed college which is always engaged to achieve academic performance as well as socio-cultural development. It is always engaged in continuous effort to mould the students, who are the wards of farmers, through the N. S. S., the Competitive Exam. Guidance Centre, Vijaya Yearly Magazine (College publication), Multimedia Centre, Network Resource Centre, Computer Training, Parents-Teachers’ Association, Alumni Association, Workshops, Seminars, Study Tours and Internal Exams.

We are proud to say that our students are always ahead in Sports Tournaments, N. S. S. activities and other competitions too.+
The college is enrolled in the list of UGC under 2 (f) & 12 (B). The college is accredited ‘C++’ by National Assessment and Accreditation Council, Bangalore.

The 10.5 acre campus of the college is surrounded by tree plantations. The college has a big space as a playground covering the area of 130 X 75 meters.

Provide qualitative higher education to the youths of feeding area. Create awareness and tendency of self-consciousness and self-respect among the students while developing their personality.

Make students aware of the present challenges and creating competence to face the challenges.

Inculcate the values among the students besides the concept of Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity accepted and enshrined by the constitution of India.

Improve student’s productivity by providing them necessary opportunities of knowledge training and skill.

Create awareness of the responsibilities regarding creativity, accomplishment, conservation and diffusing of knowledge among the students.

Create awareness among the student regarding the responsibilities and duties expected to be performed by them as ideal citizens and responsible social factors.

Work as a ‘ Social Development Center’ to uplift the social standards of life of the society.

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